Journeying through All Seasons

                                        Journeying through All Seasons


In extreme winter  

does it open its eyes  

to the world 

so eager to welcome it, 

with flowers and flowers 

of thousands types and shapes, 

colours and smiles, 

alongwith music and dance 

to celebrate its birth.

Right from day one,

it embarks on its journey, 

moving day by day, 

with sure, measured steps,

and before long,

leaving the cold, foggy days behind 

it enters the spring zone,

the season of plants and flowers.

And then, for some hard months,

the hardest rather,

with summer days, hot and dry, 

parched and devastating; 

puffing and panting,

but unrelenting, it keeps moving 

looking skywards for solace,

with hope.

Hope pays,

when patches of clouds

appear in the sky, crawling in,

gathering from all sides. 

The monsoon arrives, 

raining and soaking, 

quenching its thirst, 

soothing the eyes

with land in its sparkling,

newly washed lush green attire.

The journey continues

through the autumn, 

with trees and plants

shedding old, yellow, brown and dry leaves

to make room for fresh, nascent shoots…

youthful leaves,  to go for another year. 

And finally, the winter again!  .

Fog and dew, freezing air and snow. 

It’s opportune time to bid farewell,

It’s mere twelve months journey coming to end, 

and soon, about to lapse into history.   

And the world moves on, in its stride,

on a cheerful, festive note,

to welcome the new year 

with hope and wishes for the best, for all!

Year after year!

Chanting ‘Happy New Year!’


Ashok Misra

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