Through the Lens’ Eye

Through the Lens’ Eye


Isn’t it delightful

to look at the world, sometimes

through the lens’ eye,

what the camera focuses at

and chooses to show us? 

It’s absolutely amazing, I’d say,

to see how the lens sometimes

turns an utterly commonplace , mundane,

even ugly scene

into a thing of beauty?

Like presently, this neglected lake,

sprawling pathetically,

scantily watered,

one part covered with still waters,

mossy green and brown top,

bearing dry lotus stumps

and emaciated leaves. 

The rest, occupied by

small weedy islands 

punctuated by muddy puddles

and pseudo streams

scattered here and there.

Frankly, not a pleasant sight to behold,

not at all by any standards.


But lo! In a fraction of second,

a momentary touch

of the lens, the wizard,

captures the frame, pictures 

and presents before us 

as a piece of art,

a joy for ever!


Ashok Misra 


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