Between Noise and Peace


Isn’t it amazing to see

how we pick 

our preferences?


we find ourselves

overwhelmed by sounds all around,  

those turning into noise –

loud and cacophonic, 

hammering frenziedly

at the eardrums,

threatening to shatter nerves

and drive us crazy, helpless.

We desperately crave for

silence pin-drop, and

peace soothing, rejuvenating.

At some other times, 

we are caught in the web

of inner voices or noise –

solo conversations, 

angry arguments and voices,

emerging from the restless mind, 

thrown up by some hurt

refusing to sit back,

some resentment raising its voice

in impotent rage. 

The haunting track, as it happens,

keeps playing, on and on, unceasingly, 

until the fatigued mind goes

into auto shut, and blank mode. 

Peace, as you know,

usually shuns the restless, stressful mind

because silence…silence within,

is the prerequisite to peace. 

Wading through deep turmoil,

peace of mind becomes

the need of the moment,

the preference that we inevitably go for.

It’s only a matter of approach and practice, 

how we manage to strike that.  

Isn’t it amazing to see 

how our preferences

get switched, automatically!


Ashok Misra



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