Turning Points

Turning Points


In our life’s journey, 

time to time, 

we come across 

many a turning points! 

Some major happening behind it – 

a huge catastrophe 

or even a natural, happy one.

Something that entirely

changes the course of our life!

Shaken or shattered,

willingly or unwillingly, 

we pause and try to

come to terms with it, accept it 

and understand it.

Having done all that, patiently, with courage,

We make necessary changes, adjustments 

and move on.

Let us remember the mantra –

To move forward, to grow,

we usually have to outgrow

the things past,

detach from those 

rendered useless and irrelevant 

by the massive stroke of time, 

to bring our journey

back on the track, 

and go ahead.


Ashok Misra    


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