Moving with the Times

Moving with the Times 


Ever tried

turning the hands

of a running clock


Technically speaking,

that might damage the machine,

render it out of order, useless.

So, no turning the clock behind!


But what

if one forcefully tries to reverse 

the biological…human clock behind?

Won’t that likewise

damage the human machine?

Render it out of order, useless?

The human machine,

the thinking component…of it,

the mind, ought to move

with the moment, forward, and

be always in the present moment.


But the mind often

rushes, flies back and gets stuck at

some particular point,

some moment in the past –

some hurt or anger,

some grudge or agony, and so on,

that sucks it into its vortex,

not letting it free

to move the normal, healthy way.


But that’s not the end of the world! 

If one understands, realizes

the nature of the human mechanism, 

and chooses to move

consciously, forcefully … stubbornly

with the times, i.e., in the present moment,

sans the worrisome

baggage from the past.

Worth trying, ain’t it?


Ashok Misra


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