A Rail-Eye View

A Rail – Eye View


On a lazy morning, 

passing by the countryside, 

in a lazily moving train,

seeing through the window, 

I happened to pick

the magnificent colours

of the enchanting flora

lying scattered all around. 

Flora…the vast, rich kingdom

of plants and plants and …plants. 

Innumerable kinds,

each having its own unique

shape and size; colour and …beauty. 

Quite a view, but…unfortunately

utterly transient …momentary,

fleeing behind, vanishing instantly

as the train races forward. 

But not before I quickly capture, click

some magnificent shots

of the raw beauty 

the countryside so unassumingly flaunts

before a rail traveller

having a keen eye for it.

That’s what we may call ‘the rail-eye view’.

Pretty interesting, ain’t it?


Ashok Misra


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