Spiritual Awareness and Joy of Living


Spiritual awareness is an integral part of human life. It is a unique, rather exclusive trait of homo sapiens. Spirituality in fact provides a guide map to human beings for living their lives in an appropriate and meaningful way. A life well lived is a life full of happiness, contentment and peace.

Paradoxically, a large chunk of people are hardly aware of it. Confined to the physical and material aspect of life alone, they fail to give a conscious thought to it and consequently, remain deprived of the valuable privileges it has to offer. But the pertinent question is, what spiritual awareness is all about?

Life, as we know, consists of two main components – body and soul. Body is the material form while soul is the ethereal one. It is the entity behind the life factor and is the driving force behind all our actions. Spirit in fact provides the energy responsible for the very existence of the living being.

Spirituality has a very crucial role to play in our lives. It helps us strike and keep a balance between our physical as well as spiritual existence. In worldly affairs, it is quite natural to get over-indulged in materialistic matters at the cost of the spiritual. In order to strike a balance, it is imperative to rein in our passion for everlasting worldly desires and temptations. That job is performed by spirituality.

Now, the moot point is, how to acquire and develop the spiritual awareness we have been talking about. Awareness, it is said, is the first step towards progress. In spiritual practice too, it marks the starting point. So we have to begin by acquiring awareness about spirituality and its fundamentals. If we have not had the basics of it, there are many ways to do so. Inspiration can be had from spiritually inclined people around us. We can also get knowledge about spirituality from books and articles on the subject. They would equip us with basics of the science of spirituality.

For deeply motivated and seriously inclined seekers, joining a spiritual guru is the best option. A genuine guru is a school unto him/herself. He/she imparts theoretical as well as practical learning of the spirituality. However, while choosing a guru, one has to ensure the genuineness of the teacher so as not to get into the trap of a spurious one.

After graduating from the guru’s ashram, one is fully qualified and capable of practicing spiritualism on a daily basis. Meditation too can be quite an effective approach in spiritual practice. By and by, spirituality becomes an integral part of one’s personality and behaviour. It is automatically applied in one’s daily situations and a characteristic poise, balance is reflected in one’s body language and actions. Life acquires a new meaning and living becomes a joy, bliss. And the credit mainly goes to – Spiritual Awareness.


Ashok Misra





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