Don’t pluck, just click

Don’t pluck, just click!


Flowers are so beautiful,

attractive and … tempting!

One is easily tempted to pluck a beauty,

own it, and very soon, dump it.

Ever thought? Severed from its lifeline,

the unfortunate blossom

dies an untimely death.

If you pluck a flower,

you may find

a momentary joy,

for some moments,

minutes, hours or days.

But if you love flowers,

and happen to come across a floral beauty,

it’s better to just have

a good eyeful of it and relish it;

frame it and click it,

it would certainly give you joy

for years and decades

and even ages.

Because as they say,

‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.’

So remember,

Don’t pluck, just click!


Ashok Misra

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