Of Confinement and Liberation


In one fateful moment 

god knows what happened? 

Some medical catastrophe?  

A stroke of karma…or a cruel play of destiny?

His helpless mind just gave up.

He found himself at a loss, absolutely, 

to figure out. 

Whatever…but it did come

as a nightmare, unending.

His mind and rest of the body

suddenly seemed

to part ways, lose their sync, 

each adamant to go

its own separate way. 

Mind virtually gave up,

stopped commanding

the body for simple, normal operations, 

rendering it a mere vegetable,

or a rudderless, oarless boat

in the vast ocean of life, 

to sail perilously

in the turbulent waters,

for the rest of the journey.

His world all of a sudden 

seemed to have

shrunk drastically. 

and home, sweet home, 

too shrunk, 

it got confined to a mere single room 

resembling a hospital one, 

equipped with medical props –

a steel bed with

adjustable head side, 

white sheets, medicine chest, 

life supporting equipment,

pot and pan  and so on. 

To cut a long description short, 

he suddenly found himself 

confined to bed, terminally.

But how long?

For how long can one sustain life, 

sailing on with broken oars. 

Ultimately, you know, the soul looks upwards,

towards the supreme soul,

the atma turns to paramatma

for solace, with a silent, wordless prayer. 

“For me,” he would say, “it’s enough now,

rather more than enough.

Too many long years have passed.

When would I hear your ‘Amen’?”

“Don’t be too disheartened my son,”

Answers the supreme spirit,

“your agony is over,   

your time is up 

and the journey complete!

Your confinement too is over, and 

now, you’re a free soul, liberated! 

You’ve already shed your last tear, 

now just give a parting smile

to the world 

and catch the flight heavenwards!

The angels have already

landed there for you.



Ashok Misra



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