Looking back in Wonder


The new day arrives 

with the rising sun 

every morning, 

carrying its large, mysterious backpack 

stuffed with various things for us, 

happy or otherwise, 

we know not what.

Chores to perform

and jobs to do; 

challenges to overcome

and setbacks to cope; 

achievements to make

and pleasures to enjoy  

and, a sage advice

to live the life simply,

as it comes.

And then, approaches the evening,

with a beautiful sunset. 


Finally, at night,

while hitting the bed,

I look back in amazement 

how swiftly the day has passed by. 

So did all the past days and months;

years and … a long span of life.

I wonder for a moment, how

such a long chunk of life

passed away, so swiftly…smoothly?

Was it His grace? Divine act?

‘Okay, no muddled thinking,’ 

I tell myself, ‘just unburden yourself

for the day, leave all to Him, 

It’s time to give yourself some peace,

a nightful of rest and rejuvenation 

until the new morning.


Ashok Misra


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