To Make the Frame Click



Some frames

do not click at once.

A revisit, closer look at leisure,

deeper thought at peace,

might reveal gradually

a lot more,

layer after layer,

that makes more sense,

fetches more pleasure.

Like the one here.

Yes, like the one here –

Under the sky blue,

the yellow riot,

so bubbling with life,

bursting with cheer,

captures the frame.

Coming downwards,

stands a cool layer,

thick line of dark green.

And finally,

on the earth,

lazy shadows of the trees

lie sprawling

on the floral carpet

of dead petals

just dropped down

for a decent burial.

I never imagined,

so much input,

so many ingredients, colours,

go to make the frame click,

the picture perfect,

charming enough

to capture the mind’s eye, impress

and linger there in the memory longer.


Ashok Misra

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