Promise of Many More Green Seasons


Every morning in the park, 

I passed this storm ravished tree 

with its top and

every single branch

chopped off. 

It stood branch-less, leafless, 

making a pathetic picture

of utter desolation.

Day after day went by, 

with hardly any change

in its form, nor any signs of life

in the mere log of the tree

Then there was a gap of about a week.

This morning, visiting again,

I suddenly noticed –

it did happen…the miracle!

As I paused and stared in disbelief, 

I discovered tiny nascent green shoots

popping up here and there

through the lifeless trunk.

Yes, the tree had

come back to life, started breathing.  

Life had survived

yet another blow of storm. 

There was promise of

many more green seasons in the air.


Ashok Misra  



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