Under a cloudy morning sky


Under a cloudy morning sky,

with the sun not yet showing up, 

the lake feels free

to laze out a little bit longer. 

A gentle breeze softly touches

the placid lake’s surface, tickling,

producing countless wavelets, 

lending the lake a cool, mesmerizing smile.

Together, they seem to tempt, 

rather coax, the clouds

to join them in their play,

to condense and transform into

millions of tiny water drops

and rain down to the mirth of all –

the lake, the land and

the entire flora and fauna.


Ashok Misra


3 thoughts on “Under a cloudy morning sky

  1. Thanks so much Kim, for stopping by my blog and liking the post. I’m glad that you chose to follow my blog. I too went through some of your poems, and found them pretty enjoyable! Keep it up!


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