With a Clean Slate


Isn’t it nice, refreshing, 

to rise every morning 

with a clean slate?

No writing leftovers,

nor blurred, chalky smudges 

that stubbornly refuse to leave.

Absolutely nothing there

to clutter your mindspace, 

blocking your endeavour

to write anew,

the script of a new day.

A brief moment,

just a brief moment,

to awaken your sleepy nerves,

find your moorings,

ponder a bit over good, happy things

coming your way,

during the entire day,

and plan to execute,

make them come true.

Performing on a daily basis,

just the small, routine ritual,

performed consciously

puts you on the track,

to move slowly but surely 

on your path to success,

achievement and happiness.

Perhaps you don’t realize,

you’ve yourself

made your day.

P.S.: But do not forget

to wipe the slate clean, before

shutting your eyes

for the night.


Ashok Misra


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