The Mushroom Asserts



Tucked merrily to

the huge Maulshree* trunk, 

the carefree mushroom,

drawing sustenance from the tree,

grows delightfully.

Not for a single moment

does it consider itself

a mere free rider,

mushrooming aimlessly

during the monsoon.

Nor does it feel small in any way.

You know why? Because it sees itself

as a part of the whole…tree.

‘If a Lily of a day,

can be (is) fairer far in May,’**

why can’t I be…in the Monsoon?’

It asserts proudly, and truly so!

And lo behold, the proud mushroom,

in high spirits,

even matches the colour,

pattern and texture

of the tree trunk ditto.

Amazing, isn’t it? 

They look so identical,

perfect imitation!

Nature’s craftsmanship is splendidly

mindblowing, unbelievable!


Ashok Misra

*Mimusops/ Bakul

**Ref. Ben Jonson’s poem ‘It Is Not Growing Like A Tree’


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