A Dark Speck among the Clouds


As I was viewing

my recent clicks on the mobile –

pictures of a cloudy sky

after the sunset,

I noticed a dark speck

among the clouds.

‘Must be something on the screen,’

thought I, gently swiping the spot off.

But it didn’t go.

I tried again… twice,

but it stubbornly held its post.

‘Okay, never mind,’

I thought and moved on

to the next shot.

Oh no! What is this? It’s gone!

No dark spot … anymore!

I instantly turned back

to the earlier one,

and the speck too returned,

staring down mischievously at me.

Then I focused on it and zoomed,

and lo, what do I discover?

A black kite, soaring high

as if to touch the sky.

Wow, what a discovery!

I was not aware of it while clicking,

and now it was distinctly there,

with my childhood memories, of

the thrill I always felt

on seeing a kite

flying high in the sky!


Ashok Misra



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