Travelling leisurely on a village road


Travelling leisurely, luxuriously, 

in the passenger seat,

on a narrow dusty, bumpy village road, 

flanked on both sides by cool,

refreshing monsoon green –

farmers’ fields or simply vast stretches

of uncultivated lands, 

covered meticulously by

weeds, plants of innumerable kinds. 

Cattle and other grazing animals,

in good numbers, are interspersed

all around, feasting to their full,

satiating body and soul …

to their heart’s content.

The sky above – skyscraper-free, 

stretches infinitely

to the farthest horizon, 

offering a healthy playfield

to the clouds meandering,

hanging for a while or

wafting leisurely with the breeze. 

Sending down a gentle, cool shade,

punctuated by soft,

fleeing strokes of sunshine,

when the sun manages

to peep through.

What a luxury, bliss,

to be alive … breathing 

in the blessed moment!


Ashok Misra



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