Green, the richest of all

Ever thought why 

green, the most soothing colour,

the apparel of the flora,

is the richest of all too?

Because, as you know, the green carries

shades and shades…and shades, 

in virtually countless numbers.

One may try, however hard to count,

but may not succeed.

To make the virtually impossible

task a bit simpler, more understandable,

one may assume – 

the shades of green are

many times more than

the total number of plants and trees,

the entire flora, that is, 

would you believe?

Okay, just pick a single plant 

and observe over time, 

beginning with birth

of the leaf, in brownish…,

transforming quickly

into a cute nascent green. 

The shade subsequently

changes at every stage,

till the cycle completes

and the leaf withers and

drops down dead,

all curled up and dry…

in greenish brown.

Amazing, ain’t it…mindblowing, that’s why

the green is undeniably,

so rich a colour!


Ashok Misra



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