O Blue Wonder


Every morning,

I sped past this

lush green hedge, 

lining the concrete jogging track 

on both sides. 

Sometimes, I’d notice

a stray blue bell sort of thing 

clinging to the hedge.

I’d always throw a fleeing glance 

and move on,

taking it for a mere weed.

But this morning,

I suddenly halted, turned back,

swiched my mobile camera on

and took a couple of shots.

The blue blossom posed merrily.


Back home, when I

visited the picture gallery

for the day’s clicks,

I was in for a big surprise.

There on the screen was smiling

a lovely flower, wonder-eyed,

as if asking innocently,

‘So? How do I look? Am I not beautiful?

Can weeds be not beautiful?’

For a moment, I had no words,

then I found myself uttering,

‘No-no, you’re awesome … lovely indeed!

No less charming than any cultivated, elite flower!’

‘You know why,’ I continued,

‘An offspring, however commonplace

even ugly, is to its mother,

the dearest, most beautiful child in the world,

So you are O Blue Wonder,

the cynosure of your Mother Nature’s eyes!’  

Did I sound apologetic?

No wonder!    


Ashok Misra


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