Sometimes I feel, I Amaze Myself


Sometimes I feel, 

I amaze myself. 

Baffling? Maybe,

but I do feel sometimes.

I feel thus, especially 

when I happen to have

a look at something

I wrote sometime in the past. 

Was that me, who penned…keyed

the piece or poem?

The very words, diction, 

suddenly seem

so unfamiliar, stranger of me. 

How come I was able

to create thus?

Amazing, truly! 

But create I did, for sure, 

as if the muse

for a while, visited and occupied 

a nook of my inner space,

controlling, virtually

dictating my whole being. 

Under the trance,

I merely played her steno’,

taking dictation, scribbling verbatim,

and with a few touches…

editing, here and there,

looking at the script in wonder.

I just put my name tag

and push it on.

Wasn’t that amazing? Baffling?

At least to me,

it was!

It shall always be!


Ashok Misra

18 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel, I Amaze Myself

  1. Wow sir this is so real. Even I have felt what you are trying to say here, whenever I have seen my previous works, I use to wonder how can a mediocre guy like me write so much interesting, no sir I am not exaggerating it but this is genuine.
    Nice post sir .

    Liked by 1 person

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