Let Motivation Be Your Mantra


Let motivation be your

mantra in life!

Make it the spark that

ignites your engine,

propelling your boat to sail on

and on in the glorious voyage of life.

Allow motivation to come to you

from all sides…and times –

past, present and future …

your own life and experiences;

your own folks and others;

or society at large.

Find your spark, consciously

from experts and gurus,  

from books you read or

conversations you had,

because you know, you would need

lots and lots of it

to live a successful,

meaningful and…happy life.

Did you know?

Motivation works its best for you

when it touches your inner self

and turns into self – motivation…

that gentle voice from within

which counsels tenderly and becomes

your inspiration – the mantra

for a loftier, meaningful purpose and aim!


Ashok Misra

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