Appearances Sometimes Lie


Withered, dry, emaciated twigs 

sticking out of the cold,

still waters of the lake in winter

present a pretty sad picture…pathetic,

don’t they?

Remember? Those very twigs,

not too long ago, 

held large, round, fleshy leaves  

and lovely, divine lotus flowers,

covering the entire lake. But now,

they stand devastated.

But appearances, they say,

sometimes lie.

Couldn’t it be their

way of braving the cold,

near zero temperatures, lying low,

in barest existence, biding their time

with a spark of hope lying concealed

in their bony existence?

I do see hope for them, in Shelley’s immortal words –

‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’

Yes, cold days would pass,

one by one, and spring would replace

the chilly air with its own pleasant one,

dressing up all the dead-looking twigs

in the lush green, adorning  them

with awesome light pink blossoms.

Therein lies the beauty 

of the nature – its seasons,

its flora and fauna –

all that make the planet

so beautiful!


Ashok Misra



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