Pleasure at Leisure

When we have nothing to do 

and are at leisure, 

there are still so many things

we may do  

and have some real pleasure. 

Good company, they say, 

offers us many a delightful

option to choose from. 

Good companions make life

easier, cheerful for us.

Hey, talking about ‘company’,

how about the nature,

our natural companion?

Yes, once we go to the nature,

it embraces us warmly 

making us comfortable

in it’s cool, green environs.

Once in the nature’s arms, we don’t even

have to do anything,

nor exert our limbs to tire. 

We’re automatically attracted,

compelled to gaze coolly

at its beautiful manifestations – its flora and fauna, 

totally mesmerized.

Sip by sip, we enjoy the intoxication,

free from all the worldly care,

But time passes…flees, we’re not even aware

and then suddenly, with a jerk,

we are out of the trance.

It’s time to leave back,

all fresh, rejuvenated,

full of pleasure, at our leisure.


Ashok Misra



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