The Mystery of the Crayon Collage


A yellow flower with two green leaves, a purple fish, a brown cat and a red, fat bald baby with a milk bottle in one hand! What a lovely, colourful, hand-made collage!

This beautiful crayon drawing sheet recently caught up our eye as we (my elder daughter Anu and myself) were looking for some document in a folder. Anu laughingly asked, “Who made this drawing?” I could not instantly recall as it bore no name etc. I started wondering. “Could it be Aarushi (my younger daughter Mannu’s daughter)…or long back, Mannu herself.”  

But preoccupied with the task at hand, my guess could go no farther, and we got back to the document search. Afterwards, I tried yet again, but however hard I scratched my grey cells, I found no clue at all. Finally, I deposited the sheet under my table glass. It caught my glance innumerable times every day and I kept wondering as to who the budding artist was.

A week later, my eye suddenly caught something in the flower that turned the memory switch on. Grey cells got into action and gradually started putting two plus two together. Oh no, I can’t believe this! This flower was sketched by none other than myself. The entire situation flashed back into my memory. Yes I did long ago, at Mannu’s place for her 3-4 year old daughter Aarushi. She had got a crayons box and was learning zealously to colour. I sketched some objects for her to do the colour job, which she did excitedly and…superbly. So the mystery of the collage got ultimately cracked.

Time passes so swiftly, so did all the seven intervening years. Now Aarushi, a standard V student, beautifully draws and paints on her own. But my experience with my own offsprings and their respective kids says, children are fun indeed. And when there is a company of the grands, i.e., grandparents and grandkids, the fun knows no bounds.


Ashok Misra

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