Discover the Awesome in You


Discover the awesome in you!

Feel the bliss in you!

Gather a few rays of morning sunshine, 

for inner illumination and warmth;

Grab some green, from the greenery around, 

for freshness and rejuvenation;

Collect other natural shades available, for colourfulness;

Put some cheery, birdy sounds, to resonate

the inner self with soulful music and …life.

Having done all that, relax a bit.

Okay, now face a mirror,

like the crystal clear, glassy lake surface,

and watch yourself.

Stunned? Can’t help exclaim in utter disbelief?

‘Awesome! I’ve got my awesomeness!

Yes I AM awesome! I AM blessed!

See? The recipe has truly worked…wonders!

You’ve fully charged, activated

the awesome in you, from the

ingredients manifested, scattered

all around in the nature!

That’s amazing indeed! Enjoy!


Ashok Misra



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