Nothing but Waves


Waves and waves,

nothing but waves,

is all I see in silhouettes,

in the fading evening light!

The entire ocean –

from here to the far end…the horizon,

looks majestically, lavishly studded,

overflowing with countless waves!

The vast, unfathomable ocean,

restlessly rises and falls, like

some colossal giant heaving with

mighty breathing and racy heart-beat.

For relief, it reaches out desperately

to the sedentary shore that lies spread

with its vast stretches of sand

to cool down a bit.

Countless waves, sent out by the ocean, 

find themselves in a furious race,

foaming, clashing with each other 

to touch the sandy beach.

As they near the shore,

the waves lose their frenzied rush

and are enveloped in

a strange sense of peace

Cool and content, they

instantly turn back, homewards, 

leaving behind small marine

gifts on the sand for gratitude.

Mother Nature has obviously

taught them well!

No wonder,

‘Nature is the best teacher always!’


Ashok Misra




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