The Book We Write…and Live


Life is a book!

Words and sentences,

paragraphs, pages and chapters:

bit by bit, we write

the book of our life.

Life is a play/story!

Seconds, and minutes,

hours, days and years:

bit by bit we live,

 enact the play  of our life.

Some of the chapters we script

make interesting, happy reading.

We love to write those,

and even revisiting them,

sharing with others.

Some of the days, months and years

make happy living,

seeming pretty delightful, blissful.

We love to live those,

even revisiting, down the memory lane.

Sometimes, there are storms, turbulent waters.

Life stands threatened and periled.

The spirited ones take those in their stride.

Adequately equipped, they manage

to survive, wade through, and sail on.

The story of their adventurous, heroic struggle

makes for yet another wonderful chapter

to their amazing book of life,

for others to read and draw

their conclusions, lessons and inspirations.

Blessed be such scribes!

Blessed be such souls!


Ashok Misra



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