Amazing Green Cover

Doesn’t green have an amazing,

incredible amount of life force?

Just leave a slice

of earth vacant, uncultivated, and

see how fast the green angel shoots up

out of nowhere and captures

the earth as its own hearth.

In a jiffy, it paints its sweet home

in myriad shades of its own…

green – cool and soothing…and benign! 

Without doubt, the green cover

happens to be one of the best

gifts of nature to its offsprings –

the entire flora and fauna,

that owe their existence and survival

to their Mother Benign!


Ashok Misra


6 thoughts on “Amazing Green Cover

  1. Hope for future! Don’t want to think of todays agriculture…giant grey fields, giant machines, pesticide, chemical…just manipulated seed…nothing like green nature


    • Yes lenalimhamn you’re right, nothing like nature. Therein lies the hope for future. Ironically, greenery is fast depleting worldwide. Clock cannot be turned behind to get back to the old green world. But whatever is left of it, is precious and worth conserving. Our life and happiness greatly depends on it. So let us relish it when and wherever we find it and consciously make it a part of our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

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