Accidentally…Down the Memory Lane


Sometimes it so happens, 

you accidentally ram into 

an old friend from your distant past 

after ages.

Soon after the chance encounter, 

through a brief spell of niceties,

you quickly turn to

your good old raw mode and

find yourselves slipping fast…lapsing

down the memory lane.

Sauntering together along the hazy past, 

revisiting your heritage spots and folks,

you go catching up animatedly

about this memory or that, 

virtually replaying a full flash back

of the ‘golden’ era gone by.

Finally, the clock strikes!

Time to part again!

You step back into the present moment, 

all cheerful and rejuvenated, 

and don’t mind saying ‘bye’, 

with promises to ‘keep in touch’ and

keep sharing the bonhomie

renewed thus…accidentally!


Ashok Misra



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