Paying a Favour Back

Paying a Favour Back.2

To the one who does us a favour, 

we instantly post a polite ‘thank you’, 

by way of gratitude, etiquette,

and good manners.

But is that enough?  

Would it be fair to pay the favour back with

mere words? Obviously not!

Why? Simple! A favour ought to be returned

in kind too, not mere words.

Help your helper back when he/she is in need of it.

If practiced right, that, you’d notice,

makes a ripple effect, going endlessly.

That’s all fine, okay, but ponder a bit,

we receive countless favours,

every single day, from God Almighty.

In fact we owe our very existence,

life and happiness, to Him. 

But do we ever bother

to return those favours…

to the Almighty?

Baffling a bit? Confusing? No wonder!

But, you know,

where there is a will, there is a way.

You may start with a grateful,

heart-felt thanks to Him, and then,

go on to return the favour in effect,

to any of His creations, who’s

in distress, dire need.

So remember the etiquette mantra –

‘Thanks’ plus return favour … for favour!


Ashok Misra



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