An Eye for a Colourful Sunset


Solitary driving along

an Indian highway seems

quite an adventurous task.

A long drive can even be

pretty tiresome, boring and

to some,…a bit stressful.

But not if you have an eye

for a colourful sunset landscape!

Hit by the temptation, you pull up

by some small roadside tea shop.

With a kullhar (earthen tea-cup) in hand,

amidst relaxing sips, you start gazing afar,

at the enchanting western horizon.

Yellow, orange splashes of sun-rays

romancing the playful patches of clouds;

dark silhouettes of trees

adding to glamour, through a contrast

of light and shade; and of course the grey,

gradually…very softly, the sky would start

turning grey… greyer and …

finally, the greyest — black.


How entertaining…relaxing, driving solitary

along an Indian highway may turn out!


Ashok Misra



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