On a Cloudy Sunset

Pic.for blog

[As witnessed through the window pane of a speeding train.]

Dark clouds corner

the tired evening sun,

trying to block it, delay its journey

towards the horizon.


The sun, undeterred, keeps moving,

throwing golden splashes here and there,

painting the stray clouds in golden hues. 

The lone tree tucked under,

gazes skywards in amusement,

as the sleepy town, sprawling in silhouettes,

lazily eyes the play –

the hide and seek between

the two awesomes.


Charming evening shades and moods

spread a breezy cheer all around,

and a strange sense of peace

at the end of the day.

Who says sunsets are just about

impending darkness, gloom and …loneliness?


Ashok Misra



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