Creative Expressions Blossoms into a Book

Cover.Straying into the Green...

Hello my valued fellow bloggers and friends,

I am glad to share with you the happy news about my forthcoming collection of poems, ‘Straying Into The Green and Other Poems’, being published by Notion Press. It has already been listed for pre-order on # amazon. If you’d like to enjoy my poems collectively, and to undertake a journey into the awesome green, like I did, you have an opportunity to make a pre-order on the amazon site. For that, you will have to look for:
‘Straying into the Green and Other Poems’ by Ashok Misra through the following link:……/straying-into-the-green-and-other…

 A word about its genesis, It so happened that after my retirement in June, 2013, I had started the blog: ‘Creative Expressions’ # #

I had been consistently posting different types of contents, mainly poems, in that. I am thankful to all fellow bloggers and others who have been reading, liking and making nice comments on the posts frequently. They gave me all the encouragement, impetus required to keep writing and sharing my poems and other contents with like minded (…and hearted) souls all over the world. The present collection carries my favorite poems selected from the blog.

So, happy reading friends!

Ashok Misra


7 thoughts on “Creative Expressions Blossoms into a Book

  1. Thanks so much F.G.M, for being there with me as one of my most consistent and friendly bloggers! Your unfailingly instant responses have inspired me no end in my entire endeavour.


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