I Don’t Get Mad; I Get Silent…

Thus spake the Buddha



Thus spake the Buddha!

You know, man today would prefer

to get mad, but won’t get silent, won’t yield

even at the cost of precious sanity,

ready to suffer come what may.

But as he grows in age, and maturity,

truth starts dawning upon him,

god knows from where, maybe fatigue,

but vaguely it does.

Overload with external, material pursuits,

shattered and all scattered, driven to

utter loneliness, he finds a cool shade, solace

in solitude…silence, and for a change

lapsing into his own company,

for an intimate dialogue with the self, and maybe, Him.

Hit by a gleam, inspiration from some

Buddha or Jesus; Adi Shankar or Vivekananda;

Gandhi or Sadhguru, or any of the other saintly souls,

he suddenly discovers himself,

finds himself illuminated, initiated

to follow into their way – the path of spirituality.

And then, at some moment of self-realization,

he comes to the divine discovery that –

‘Oh, I no longer get mad! I get silent only!’

As spake the Buddha.

How peaceful…what a joy!

What a bliss indeed!

   * * * * * *

# Ashok Misra


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