A Cool Conversation (between an atheist and a believer)

No problem


Athiest: I don’t believe in God.
Believer: Okay fine.
Athiest: He doesn’t exist, there’s no God.
Believer: Okay no problem. But…
Athiest: But what?
Believer: The problem, I think lies with me.
Athiest: ??? πŸ€”
Believer: I see God’s presence, divinity in every living being –
human, animal and even plants.
Athiest: Really? That’s funny.
Believer: Yeah, and even in the five cosmic elements – earth, water, fire, sky and air.
Athiest: Oh, you sound too crazy.
Believer: Yeah, we worship them all because we believe we owe our existence to all those; that is our belief…our faith.
Athiest: Or just blind belief… superstition.
Believer: No problem! πŸ™‚
* * * * *
# Ashok Misra

15 thoughts on “A Cool Conversation (between an atheist and a believer)

  1. Yes Cornelia, this is a personal choice and β€˜my God is better than your God’ is rubbish. We usually inherit our Gods, from parents, family and society, and ideally have a direct relationship with Him. There is no room for outside interference, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your thoughtful inputs. πŸ™‚


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