Quite an Interesting Collage

Clippings from wedding cards, calendars etc.
tucked under the study table glass –
Mangalmurty Ganesh,
for the auspicious;
Krishna, the enchanter playing
mesmerizing flute…soulful music to Radha;
Gayatri mantra, the powerful
Vedic prayer in Sanskrit;
a grandson’s pencil drawing of
his stationery things; and
on the top, a small basket
of fresh & fragrant Paarijat flowers;
Quite an interesting collage, like the life, ain’t it!
** ** **
# Ashok Misra  

4 thoughts on “Quite an Interesting Collage

  1. Hi Ashok. Finally I am bringing up something which had always been on my mind. I do love you featured image a lot, it is very soothing, yet I always wonder what’s covered by your sign of “Creative Expressions”. As a photographer I am so very curious to see what’s next to the barn, yet I assume it’s the sun. Maybe you can shine some light on my curiosity


    • Thank you Cornelia for your appreciation and nice words. However, I’ve no idea what had always been on your mind. And, I don’t claim to try to cover anything by my blog title ‘Creative Expressions’. When I started it, about eight years back, I simply intended to put my creative writings on it, like poetry and fiction. You may be surprised, in the beginning, I even posted many short in it. Then a friend, a media photographer in Dubai, UAE, who was greatly instrumental behind my going for this blog, suggested that I can try putting pictures with my posts, and I said ‘yes’. That gave another dimension to it. I started putting pictures, especially with my poems and some prose articles. Later on, another dimension was added in the form of quotes – literary as well as spiritual. I believe all arts are creative and since my blog carries my creative writings and pictures in various formats, I thought the title Creative Expressions would gov well for it. That’s the whole of it. Just the basic things that keep me busy with some meaningful activity for about two hours everyday. Hope this is not too boring for my perception of the blog. And yes, if you’d elaborate your point a bit more, maybe I could think regarding that.
      Thanks a lot for bringing up your thoughts. Keep enjoying and stay blessed!


      • Thank you Ashok, for your lenghtsful explanations, I appreciate that. I probably didn’t put in the right words what I was trying to express, I actually was talking about your feature image, which appears first when we all open your posts. But don’t worry , never mind my comment. I am sorry that I have bothered you with my comment. Stay healthy and safe, my friend.


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