6 Tips: How to conquer fear and build self-confidence

  1. Know your fears! They are your enemies. Identify them well. Unless you know your enemy, how can you act to beat him? For example, some students often get nervous before final examinations and forget answers they had prepared, or a job aspirant about to face personal interview loses courage and gives up. Here, had both the types tried to understand the cause of their fears and assess their weak points, they could have taken timely measures to handle and overcome them.
  2. Condition your mind for positive thoughts! As you know, human mind is a thought-generating device. It usually produces the kind of thoughts one conditions it for. If situational anxieties and fears overpower a person, his/her  mind would be controlled by anxieties and fears only. The victim would lose self-confidence and would be reluctant to perform well and achieve success. So, condition your mind to produce positive thoughts full of courage and self-confidence.
  3. Avoid toxic imagination and negative visualization! They play a harmful role in tough situations. The moment we approach the crisis zone, our mind starts imagining lots of terrifying thoughts. We start imagining and visualizing dreadful possibilities which make us nervous. We must consciously learn to replace them with positive visualization and hope. Make it your personality trait.
  4. Boost your self-confidence! That is the best antidote to deep-seated fears. If you find yourself lacking in that, try to learn and practice ways to strengthen your courage and confidence. The more you boost your morale, the stronger your self-confidence would be and…the fears would stop worrying you.
  5. Look for suitable role models! They could be from among your family or society, college-mates or professors, motivational experts or even spiritual gurus. Appropriate role models would inspire you with their great thoughts and exemplary actions. Try to observe their secrets of success. Read good books, like  – autobiographies/ biographies by or about successful personalities. For example, if you are a sports buff, you could go for books on Milkha Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Mary Kom etc.
  6. Beware of panic! When fear and nervousness strike, do not go into panic. For overcoming fear and other debilitating emotions, it is essential to have a perfect control over one’s mind and condition it to think meaningful thoughts. That would be possible only when the mind is at peace and functions in a balanced manner. In case of a serious problem, one could seek counseling from a psychologist or lessons on yoga and meditation from a guru. Then a nervous person would be able to shed fears and think logically about various aspects of a tough situation and effectively deal with that. Remember, solutions emerge from a mind at peace.

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  # Ashok Misra

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