6 Tips: How to set yourself a smart goal and chase it

1. Set yourself a specific goal. It could be about your education or career or even a coveted dream. Your goal must be relevant, meaningful and realistic. A smart goal is worth chasing and fruitful.

2. Put your goal in the black and white, i.e., written form. That helps you view and understand it a bit more clearly. Once written, give it a deeper thought to perceive it in a larger perspective and chalk out its details.

3. Start drawing a plan, especially, action plan. That enables you how to pursue it in a systematic manner. Have a support system to assist/help you in planning as well as execution of the plan.

4. Figure out the main roadblocks and how you could overcome them. Sometimes, obstacles hamper your progress. Start simple! Remember, first step is the longest step, so begin cautiously.

5. Set a deadline for each segment of your activity and make efforts to meet those. Passing each segment gives a sense of satisfaction which boosts your morale to keep moving steadily.

6. Make it easy on yourself. Don’t panic nor try to rush up the things. Just be nice to yourself and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and celebrate the small and big victories in the course of your journey.

  * * * * * * * *

  # Ashok Misra

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