6 Tips: Discovering the healing power of music

1. Music now-a-days is being used as a supplementary therapy for health issues, especially mental side-effects of some major illness. It is better initiated under a musical therapist as well as a musical guru.

2. Music is believed to have started with the premise that it is basically naad, with a divine touch. That’s why it has been called Naad Brahma. Gradually it evolved into a combination of sounds, notes, rhythm etc. into ragas.

3. To avail of music therapy, one has to have some basic knowledge and practice of the above mentioned elements. In case a patient can’t sing or play any instrument, help can be sought from a musical Guru too. That would help one discover the magic of music and why it has been flowing through ages.

4. There are seven chakras or power centres along the spinal chord. Yoga teaches us how to activate those and achieve greater heights as a human being. During health issues, Chakra(s) one or more, are low on energy. Music, if directed at a particular Chakra, raises it’s energy level and helps in recovery of the patient. Different chakras require specific ragas to obtain the energy flow. They have their different appropriate timings when they ought to be sung/played. They are thus season/time of the day/hour specific.

5. To name a few prominent raagas used in music therapy, Raga Ahir-Bhairav helps for hypotension; Malkauns for very low blood pressure; Bhairavi helps a wide range of patients, suffering from simple cold, sinusitis, toothache to deadly ones like Tuberculosis and Cancer. There is a complete range of medical issues and their respective therapeutic ragas to remedy those.

6. However, as mentioned earlier, music offers a supplementary therapy. It is not the main, i.e., medical line of treatment which involves all kinds of investigations for diagnosis and corresponding treatments. Music thus helps a patient, besides the prescribed medical options by soothing the stressed nerves and energizing the ailing chakras.

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# Ashok Misra

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