Life’s Simple Tales: For a bit of forgetfulness

This morning, as I started my car and pressed the accelerator, I noticed dark, menacing clouds rising in the sky. The morning light had turned pretty feeble and it was obvious, rains were on the cards. I was suddenly reminded that I had forgotten to collect the umbrella which I usually kept in the car only. I was hardly 100 metres from my home and for a moment, felt like getting back to pick the rain protector, but then I dropped the idea said, its okay, let me face the showers if they arrive before I finish with my morning quota on the track. The car picked speed on its five-minute ride to the park.

While alighting at the parking lot, the very light drizzle again reminded me of my umbrella. But I just moved on, hoping that I’d be able to complete my rounds before the showers hit. The dark clouds stared menacingly from the above as I picked my usual walking speed. After some time, cool winds started. Winds, as you know, sometimes push the clouds forcing them to scatter away. Going by the magnitude of the clouds, that seemed a remote possibility, but not impossible. I kept on my way unbothered while both, the winds and the clouds were at their game. I had a past history of enjoying the moderate rains and getting drenched when they got me trapped.

When I was in the final lap, i.e., the last five minutes of my walk, I noticed considerable  increase in the dim, hazy light all around. The sun was trying to make its presence felt through the thinning clouds. That was a sign that I was safe for now. Showers’ act was postponed for time being. I glanced at some people coming from the opposite direction carrying their unopened umbrellas. ‘Good that I forgot to bring mine,’ I thought with some satisfaction. ‘Otherwise I too would have been just carrying that like them. A bit of forgetfulness is not always that bad. Ha ha ha!’

  * * * * * * * 

# Ashok Misra

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