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# Ashok Misra 


Of Fascinations and Dreams

Solemn oath to start a new phase of life

Fascinations, when become too strong

and intense, transform into dreams!

Dreams you know, if taken seriously,

offer us some lofty goals in life.

A passionate dream actually, like the Pole star,

beams on us guiding, showing the way

to achieve our cherished goal and

live an enriched life.

Sometimes, a cherished dream becomes

too intense…rather a passion,

lingering within, like some favourite melody.

It starts haunting the mind, heart and …soul,

driving us crazy, forcing us

to chase furiously the coveted target.

Like a possessed soul, we start having visions,

visualizing the dream – breathing it…living it.

And that provides us with all the motivation and energy.

We work our hardest through thick and thin,

and ultimately persistent efforts pay up, the dream comes true.

O God, what a bliss!

Dreams when become too strong

and intense, transform into bliss!


Ashok Misra



Living Life…to the Fullest



The gorgeous pink enchants, steals the show and

many a charmed glances from the beholders,

until it has lived its life to the fullest.

Then its radiant petals start

fading, withering, losing their charm and

finally … dispersing.

Let us live our life to the fullest, through joys and sorrows.

and keep living, spreading cheer, until the journey completes

and the destination…end is in sight.

Then the body naturally succumbs to ageing,

gets feeble, fatigued and finally the soul departs

silently, just like that of the pink beauty.


Ashok Misra