Contrasting Pairs…in Harmony

Contrasting Harmony

Life and death; day and night – are

totally opposites!

But did you notice? Together,

they weave the life, make the world,

giving meaning to the things they represent.

They are contrasting pairs!

Opposites often have a beauty,

significance of their own,

manifesting themselves in

innumerable complementary pairs

of the contrasting type, like, for example,

the cute pink blossom unfolding here,

tucked cozily amidst the green foliage,

looking absolutely enchanting…awesome!

Together, so many opposite pairs actually

act in harmony, enhancing the appeal,

impact of each other, lending themselves

a subtle charm of their own.

Together, they weave a beautiful life

and a glorious world all around.


Ashok Misra


Stopping by the Lake


Stopping by the lake 

on a breezy, cloudish morning, 

I stood wondering –

What is it, that

makes a landscape so

beautiful, captivating? 

Pondered I well and deep,

running my eyes over the entire scene,

scanning thoroughly –

the outcast sky, the large silhouette

of the nearby tree, the bits and patches

of filtered light, the lake surface

all studded with tiny wavelets

made by a mild, gentle breeze,

and so on, trying to figure out

what really makes a landscape

so beautiful, captivating?    

Any guesses?  Well, to me it seems,

it’s your eye, your perception,

b’cause ‘beauty, they say,

lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

If you have an eye for beauty,

the landscape…world is a beautiful place!


Ashok Misra

Live Your Beautiful Life


Live your beautiful life gloriously,

like this cute, sparkling pair in the pink!

Just have a conscious gaze, and notice –

how majestically the duo sits

on the spiky, green throne,

beaming with a generous splash of  

gentle sunshine.

In gorgeous hues, it 

oozes lots and lots of pink cheer!

Don’t the blissful blossoms seem to say –

‘Live your beautiful life gloriously!!!’


Ashok Misra