Picture Haiku : Times

Picture Haiku Times

Times change, changing everything around,

keeping the life in a state of constant flux.

Hitch your life to the changing times!


Ashok Misra


A Rejuvenating Whiff


As the fresh morn’ arrives,

nascent sun rays tiptoe soundlessly,

down to the earth, dancing gleefully all around,

waking up the entire earthly landscape into life.

The sleepy flora springs up

into action, breathing, exhaling

oxygen, the life breath

for the entire fauna world to inhale.

And you know, the green angel,

the foliage cover, inhales carbon-di-oxide,

cleaning the air, purifying it for us, the fauna,

to inhale, breathe in the fresh air.

How deeply we owe our breath…life,

to the rejuvenating whiff of fresh air! 


Ashok Misra

Man, the Creator of his Destiny


‘Man is destiny!’, so said the Bard*,

professing that man is

the creator of his own destiny!

It is upto him to make it or mar it.

One may make it and live…enjoy

life to the fullest; or mar it and

meet an inevitable doom,

like a Macbeth or a Hamlet,

Shakespeare’s tragic heroes

who, with all their celebrated glories,

toiled hard, carrying the deadly…lethal

millstone round the neck…the fatal flaw,

all their lives till

the very last breath.

The doomed heroes had just failed

to create their own destiny,

leaving behind  the moral that –

‘Man is the creator of his own destiny!’

He builds it by choosing

the best options, chasing

the most appropriate ones,

travelling the path steadfastly to

a successful, happy, and meaningful life,

 blessed with peace and bliss.


Ashok Misra

*William Shakespeare, the renowned English poet and dramatist.

What a Soulful Start of the Day

What a fragrant Start...

A basketful of beauty and fragrance,

sits elegantly at the window.

Unassuming Jasmine blossoms,

in the white, lace the air around

with a soft and sweet perfume.

Soulful devotional notes

playing on the music system

add a touch of the sublime…divine,

to the entire scenario.

Ah! What a fragrant start of the day!

What a soulful, rejuvenating start of the day!


Ashok Misra