Life’s Simple Tales: Kids are cute fun indeed

One morning recently, as I was approaching the neighboring store to pick milk etc., I overheard a conversation going on between the shop-keeper and a customer, about 5-6 year old girl, who was holding a milk pouch in a small bag. She turned to go homewards. Suddenly she noticed many street dogs roaming about. She got too scared and asked the shop-keeper to drive them off. The man humorously told her – They are not my dogs so how can I drive them away.

Girl: You can do that.

Man: No, please you walk back avoiding them.

Girl: I’m very scared, they’d bite me.

At that moment, I too joined the dialogue and said, “Perhaps they are hungry, they want to take your milk pouch to drink.” That terrified her and she clung the bag tightly to herself. Then the shop-keeper joked – Why doesn’t your Baba (Grandfather) come to collect milk? Why does he send you for it?

Girl: How can he come? He is too scared of dogs.

Her answer sent us laughing. I thought, now that’s enough.

“Okay,” I said, “Just wait a minute, let me finish with my shopping and then I’ll escort you across the dogs.” She nodded.

A few seconds later, I was provideding my escort duty to the little lady. When we were aross the canine threat, I said, “The dogs are left behind. Now you can walk up home. I’ll get back to mine.” She hesitated but she was no longer scared. Before moving on, she asked, “Uncle. where do you live?” I pointed towards my house left a little behind.

 “Okay Uncle.” And she left, with a smile. Kids are cute fun indeed!

* * * * * * 

# Ashok Misra