Straying into the Green and Other Poems Sees the Light of the Day

Hello friends, followers and readers,

It’s here finally! My collection of poems ‘Straying into the Green and Other Poems’ sees the light of the day! The Notion Press’ courier with my complimentary copies arrived this evening, marking the beginning of sales on Amazon and some other online counters.

Here, I’m glad to acknowledge my deep gratitude to all my wordpress friends as well as followers and readers of my blog Creative Expressions. They became instrumental and prime motivation for this book by always being there with their ‘likes’ and nice encouraging comments on each post. That always spurred me to go on and on, clicking my favourite pictures, writing poems and other contents, and sharing on my blog as well as facebook accounts.

Although many of you would have read most of the poems posted on my blog over the years, but for an accumulated enjoyment, this collection could certainly come handy. You may order it online on the Amazon site and have your complete fill of my poems. If you do, please do not forget to share your responses and inputs with the author so that next time, you get a better, improved product. Until then, happy reading with the present one!

Lots of thanks,

Ashok Misra

A Star for Your Eyes

Star in the sky. - Copy - Copy

A twinkling star up above

appears like

the tiniest speck in the night sky,

but bears it, a formidable spark, 

that travels all the way

through the vast, unfathomable

ocean of darkness, sometimes…gloom,

traversing all those light years  in a jiffy,

to shine in your eyes, 

exhorting you to hold on ruggedly,

not to give up, until you find

your sunshine.


Ashok Misra


Your Earliest Friends

IMG_20170623_090412 - Copy

Can you remember your earliest friend(s)?

Any happy recollections, down the memory lane?

Well, birds usually happen to be

one’s earliest, childhood…rather infanthood friends.

How about you?

I’m sure, while still in your mother’s lap,

you must have often gazed wonder-eyed, mesmerized,

at the strange, small toy-like winged creatures,

the chirpy sparrows, landing in your courtyard,

hopping all around, picking at the rice grains,

laid out for them by your Mom, alongwith a bowl of water.

Every morning, the ever hungry guests

would merrily arrive, gobble their meals,

take a few sips of water and fly away,

leaving you thoroughly entertained, cheerful.

Gradually, as time passed,

you grew up and naturally,

got preoccupied with lots of

other things and newer mates.

You stopped looking for your earliest friends.

You simply outgrew them, drowning yourself

into the busy, hectic life in the materialistic world.

There was hardly any time

for the chirpy friends and the simple

joys and pleasures they offered.

But friends are forever!

True mates are companions, rather soulmates,

but only, if you care to look for them, and

spend some quality time with them.

Birds are no exceptions.

As your grown up wisdom can perceive, 

they are part of the fauna of the nature.

Along with flora, they form

the entire creation of  Mother Nature, and

can well be your guide to the nature.

Hark! Just try to listen once again to what

that bird perched on the branch of

the tree outside your window

is chirping about.

Pay heed and turn towards the nature,

even if for a short while, to breathe free,

relax and rejuvenate…and discover

the joy of living, like you did

gazing at the birds, sitting as an infant

in your mother’s lap, ages ago!


Ashok Misra