Playing the God’s Angel


Grandma’s bedtime stories

of fairies and angels heard ages ago,

seem to get silently carried forward through ages.

Don’t they? Like the one,

in which, god sends his angels down

to a pure heart, suffering…in pain. 

The ethereal souls in long robes,

flapping their man-size wings, arrive

with an aura of love and compassion,

Very softly, almost stealthily, they wipe off

the tears of pain from the sad eyes

and put a smile of cheer back 

on the parched lips,

and then, vanish in the thin air.

Hey, why not play the god’s angel

to someone today!

Make a sad soul happy

and feel the divine bliss in return!


Ashok Misra

At the Fag End

Quote.John Keats.Ode to a Nightingale.3

 House arrest! Can’t step out!

Solitary confinement!

Keep within the room!

Confinement to bed!

Can’t put your foot down!

Oh, just a bed to spend

the rest of days and nights!

Okay…fine…but how sad!

No-no, don’t jump to conclusions!

I’m not describing

the kinds of sentences awarded under 

Indian (or any other) Penal Code.

These uncomfortable conditions actually

happen to be the final phases

one has to pass through,

in senses – full, partial or none,

at the fag end of one’s long

and well lived life!


Ashok Misra

Make Happiness Your Target

Make Happiness Your Target

Make happiness your target!

Mark your priorities for a happy life!

Arrange those in a sequence, set goals

and go for them, full throttle!

Achieving one target after another, 

drawing one satisfaction after another,

keep moving steadily on

your well marked course,  

You’re sure to fulfill all your

reasonable needs and desires.

Your cherished dreams,

have faith in yourself and…Him,

are bound to come true,

and sweet success, sure to bless you –

with contentment and happiness

all around, forever!


Ashok Misra


Creating Cheer of Your Own

Need some cheer? 

Why look elsewhere?

Why not produce…create

some of your own?

Okay, here’s how!

Just pick your painter’s palette and brush,

put some delightful colours and

mix up a bit to your favourite shade,

and then start.

Paint a lovely flower of your choice,

then another…and then the whole bunch. 

Surround it with the evergreen…green. 

And finally, tuck it all upon the vast, blue canvas.

Here you are!

Your cheer is ready!

The lively bunch sweetly gazes, smiles at you,

to charm and mesmerize

and be a joy for ever!


Ashok Misra