Creative Expressions Blossoms into a Book

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Hello my valued fellow bloggers and friends,

I am glad to share with you the happy news about my forthcoming collection of poems, ‘Straying Into The Green and Other Poems’, being published by Notion Press. It has already been listed for pre-order on # amazon. If you’d like to enjoy my poems collectively, and to undertake a journey into the awesome green, like I did, you have an opportunity to make a pre-order on the amazon site. For that, you will have to look for:
‘Straying into the Green and Other Poems’ by Ashok Misra through the following link:……/straying-into-the-green-and-other…

 A word about its genesis, It so happened that after my retirement in June, 2013, I had started the blog: ‘Creative Expressions’ # #

I had been consistently posting different types of contents, mainly poems, in that. I am thankful to all fellow bloggers and others who have been reading, liking and making nice comments on the posts frequently. They gave me all the encouragement, impetus required to keep writing and sharing my poems and other contents with like minded (…and hearted) souls all over the world. The present collection carries my favorite poems selected from the blog.

So, happy reading friends!

Ashok Misra

Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track.3

Off the beaten track

lies a fabulous, enchanting world

of plants and trees;

grass and …weeds, showcasing

the myriad charming hues

of monsoon greenery!

So cool, so soothing

to the eye…and soul!

Off the beaten track!

Yes, off the beaten track!!! 


Ashok Misra

On a Cloudy Sunset

Pic.for blog

[As witnessed through the window pane of a speeding train.]

Dark clouds corner

the tired evening sun,

trying to block it, delay its journey

towards the horizon.


The sun, undeterred, keeps moving,

throwing golden splashes here and there,

painting the stray clouds in golden hues. 

The lone tree tucked under,

gazes skywards in amusement,

as the sleepy town, sprawling in silhouettes,

lazily eyes the play –

the hide and seek between

the two awesomes.


Charming evening shades and moods

spread a breezy cheer all around,

and a strange sense of peace

at the end of the day.

Who says sunsets are just about

impending darkness, gloom and …loneliness?


Ashok Misra


What a Masterpiece Sculpture

IMG_20170727_075148633 - Copy

What a masterpiece sculpture 

of the master sculptor!

Gaze at it on the tree trunk closely,

for a little while,

trying to figure out

what it is all about.

Explore through the abstract,

mystic images rising

from the rather

rough surface…uneven texture.

Add a bit of imagination 

and gradually, you could well discover

some meaningful figure(s) emerging

as if out of nowhere.

Who knows, you could well have a glimpse

of His underlying design…pattern

that simply leaves you mesmerized,

forcing you to utter in surprise – ‘Wow!

What a masterpiece sculpture

of the master sculptor!’


Ashok Misra


I Did Nothing…At All


My friends asked me, in disbelief,
“Hey, how could you place
that tall, giant jet of a fountain in the lake
so exactly between the two trees
festooning in silhouettes,
with such a perfect background — the friendly
green row at the back,
all under the doting eye of the
sublime blue canopy, the sky
watching proudly?
And wonder of wonders,
how did you make that little wonder,
the charming rainbow kid,
hold it straight for support?”

Rainbow under fountain

“Don’t ask me!” I confessed, “Ask Him
who did it…actually does
all such marvelous things!
I simply happened to
come across the spectacle,
got too mesmerized, captured and
shared it with you all.
I did nothing…at all!
Nothing…at all! Honestly

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An Eye for a Colourful Sunset


Solitary driving along

an Indian highway seems

quite an adventurous task.

A long drive can even be

pretty tiresome, boring and

to some,…a bit stressful.

But not if you have an eye

for a colourful sunset landscape!

Hit by the temptation, you pull up

by some small roadside tea shop.

With a kullhar (earthen tea-cup) in hand,

amidst relaxing sips, you start gazing afar,

at the enchanting western horizon.

Yellow, orange splashes of sun-rays

romancing the playful patches of clouds;

dark silhouettes of trees

adding to glamour, through a contrast

of light and shade; and of course the grey,

gradually…very softly, the sky would start

turning grey… greyer and …

finally, the greyest — black.


How entertaining…relaxing, driving solitary

along an Indian highway may turn out!


Ashok Misra