Quotes Replay @ Ashok Misra # T.S.Eliot

Quotes Replay @ Ashok Misra # T.S.Eliot.The Waste Land

 “April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring
dull roots with spring rain.” 

# T.S.Eliot. The Waste Land


Musing Over…Muse’s Masterpiece


Green stands for serenity;

white for sublimity!

Together, they make quite a cool

but heady combination!

Instantly, they transport us back,

down the memory lane,

to some good, old, dreamy landscape

in the world of nature – serene and sublime,

rendered immortal by the poets

inspired and blessed

by the muses

of verse and melody.

No wonder, I could not but

muse over a muses’ masterpiece

when I  happened to come across one –

a landscape…so serene, so sublime!


Ashok Misra


Picture Haiku : Inspirations


      Inspirations from outside inspire              us to go for loftier goals…dreams,                  spurring on to achieve those!                                       ********                                Ashok Misra

*Pic. : A display board by the roadside, promoting an upcoming residential project in Mumbai, India.

Faith, the Oar


FAITH is not a mere word,

it’s a powerful idea that,

if followed consciously, consistently, 

equips us with life’s best tools.


Faith in ourselves and our folks,

faith in all goodness and

above all, the Almighty, is the

formidable oar that sails us

through all odds…rough waters,

towards a life full of happiness,

success…and peace.  


Ashok Misra