Face, the Mirror

Face, you know,

is the mirror…

of the heart, the mind,

or perhaps the soul,

and you know, the mirror

never lies.

It reflects honestly,

whatever goes there churning

deep inside.

Be it joy and cheer,

dread and fear, hatred and anger,

or…sadness and despair.

Sometimes, all efforts fall short

to hold, restrain the pent up something

from rising, coming up,

and settling coolly

on the surface…the face.

The grief rises up

as vapours, stays inside

for a while, then pushes up,

to the core of the eyes.

For a while, it hesitates, and then trickles out,

sometimes in streams.

The face, poor, misearble

betrays, lays bare, the vulnerable heart and soul,

pours out  all the grief

for others to behold.

So beware of the teary, leaky, truant emotions!

And yes,

don’t hesitate to let it mirror,

reflect the moods and emotions

of the brighter cheery kind!

Because face you know, is the mirror of …!



Ashok Misra


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